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Dr. Cedric Wannaz is a physicist and environmental scientist. He holds an industrial degree in electronics and computer science from the Swiss industry. His Ph.D. thesis at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, focused on multi-scale modeling of chemical fate and transport and population exposure. He is the developer of the Pangea Modeling Framework, a global multi-scale fate and exposure model coupling a GIS engine and a computation engine.

Cedric's work generally combines research and development, developing models and tools in fields as varied as environmental modeling, impact of chemicals on human health, life cycle assessment, data extraction and analysis, pharmacoepidemiology, and robotics. His main interest lies in developing interdisciplinary approaches to tackle complex problems.

He likes teaching, mountaineering and kayaking, spends some of his free time wood- and leather-working, and is driven by a passion to develop the skills necessary to restore old books.

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