E  u  r  i  s  k  o      R  e  s  e  a  r  c  h
Eurisko Research offers the following core competencies:

We can work with academic or industrial partners to address research needs in the field of mathematical modeling applied to environmental science. Our current research focuses on high-resolution multi-scale modeling to assess the fate and tranport of chemicals in the environment.
  • Environmental exposure modeling
    • Environmental fate & transport modeling (e.g. multimedia fate modeling
    • Multi-scale spatial modeling (e.g. Pangea framework)
  • Ecological and human risk assessment
    • Chemical exposure and risk to humans and ecosystems
    • Probabilistic and spatial exposure and risk modeling

At the confluent of research and development, we can operate as a research facilitator, solving technical problems in data and models management on a short term basis. We offer to cut down the time spent by researchers on side but crucial tasks (e.g. parsing data sources), allowing them to focus on what matters for their research.
  • Development of models/tools
    • Implementation/extension of new and existing models
    • Development of wrappers for exisiting models/tools,
      e.g. for automatizing evaluation and model-model comparison
    • Parsers for complex data sets
      e.g. pattern matching for data extraction
  • MATLAB/Sysquake development
    • Development of MATLAB/Sysquake code/tools for general research
  • GIS development
    • Python/ArcGIS for advanced geo-processing