E  u  r  i  s  k  o      R  e  s  e  a  r  c  h

Dr. Antonio Franco is an environmental modeler and ecological risk assessor. Since his PhD on the environmental fate of ionizable substances at the Technical University of Denmark he has worked on the development of modeling approaches applied to ecological risk assessment of chemicals.

He has contributed to refinements to the EU exposure modeling framework including the regional model SimpleBox and the sewage treatment plan model SimpleTreat. Currently, he is in the developing team of the global multiscale multimedia fate model Pangea, in collaboration with University of Michigan.

He has worked between 2011 and 2017 at Unilever Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre, leading research aimed at improving ecological relevance to chemical risk assessment in a regulatory context. He has experience in taking new approaches from development to evaluation and application to help decision making in chemicals management from a global portfolio of home and personal care products. He has been leading research and dissemination activities to promote risk-based approaches to chemical management in various regions (Europe, China, India).

Beside modeling, he enjoys running, orienteering running, learning Chinese and playing with his two kids.

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