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Dr. Peter Fantke is Associate Professor for Quantitative Sustainability Assessment at the Technical University of Denmark.

His research focuses on developing quantitative methods and mathematical tools for evaluating exposure and toxicity impacts from chemicals on humans and the environment to address some of society's grand challenges, including air pollution and the global human burden of disease, ecosystem degradation, all related to harmful chemicals released throughout product life cycles. He contributed to several national and international projects focusing on life cycle impact assessment, external cost analysis, socioeconomic analysis, environmental risk assessment, and alternatives assessment incl. chemical substitution.

He is director of USEtox, the UNEP/SETAC scientific consensus model for characterizing toxicity impacts of chemicals. He contributes to training at MSc and PhD level, organizes international training workshops, initiated and coordinates internal training in his research division, and coordinates global task forces on quantifying emissions of pesticides and addressing health effects from exposure to fine particulate matter.

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